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Venue Spotlight: Calistoga Ranch

This place really has it all. Several spaces to hold both your ceremony and reception (including an amazing wine cave), beautiful lodges to house you and your guests, a unique spa like feel, some of the best food you will ever taste, and a private vineyard.
This is why we chose to have our wedding here.
Max capacity is 84 and let’s face it this place will cost you some $$$. But it is the Napa Valley and you won’t be disappointed.
Your options:
Poolside Patio

Photography by Lisa + James
Lommel Lawn
Studio 7 via the Knot
Lakehouse Patio
Studio 7 via the Knot

Mel Barlow

Wine Cave

Brunk Photography


  1. Anonymous said . . .

    Awesome feature!!

    Posted March 4, 2008 at | Permalink
  2. walletpuppy said . . .

    What a beautiful venue! I’m surprised it’s not talked about more!!!

    Love the wine cave and it actually fits a fair number of people inside unlike the only other two wine caves I know about for weddings in the Bay Area (Testarossa in Los Gatos and some other place).

    Posted July 10, 2008 at | Permalink

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